Here are highlights of some of the work that I have published for various venues, some of which have been syndicated to MSNBC, FOX News, CBS News, Yahoo News, Scientific American online, Discovery News, the Christian Science Monitor and Huffington Post. For an exhaustive list of my work, see HERE


Head Butts & Waggle Dances: How Honeybees Make Decisions

How Mysterious Molecules May Help Cool the Planet

Empathetic Rats Help Each Other Out



Bridging Science and Culture With the Thirty-Meter Telescope

Wild in the City

In Search of Life


Discover: 80 Beats

Exoplanet Reflects Practically No Light—and Scientists Have No Idea Why

Researchers Switch Off Gene in Mice to Switch on Endurance

Bacteria From Human Feces is Behind Deadly Disease in Coral


Discover: Discoblog

The Plane Truth: Boarding by Rows is the Worst Possible Way, Says Physicist

The Better to Ignore You With: Female Frogs Deaf to Males' Ultrasonic Calls

Can You See Me Now? Transparent Batteries Pave Way for See-Through Phones


New York Times

Egypt or Central Park: Where Does an Ancient Obelisk Belong?


NASA Scientists Build Harpoon to Shoot Comet

Life's Little Mysteries

How to Search for Life on Alien Planets

Would a Mars Science Laboratory Launch Accident Pose a Radiation Risk?

Why Do Antihistamines Make You Drowsy?



Parasite Infection Hits US Infants Hard

Single Men Slip Further Behind Married in Cancer Survival

Exercise Fights Effect of 'Obesity Gene'



Hands-On With New Kinect Features

New App Lets You Create Disaster Movies

Google Releases Indoor Maps for Android Phones



Material Innovation Gaining Speed With New Online Toolkit

Top 10 Military Stories of 2011

Mission Blue

WhaleWatch Project Seeks to Prevent Accidental Whale Deaths

LAPTOP Magazine

Study: People Lie More Over Text Messages


Are Women's Scientific Achievements Being Overlooked?

Cosmos Online

Oldest Fossilised Fleas Were Giant, Bloodsucking

Materials360 Online

New Silicon Carbide Field Emitter May Improve Communication and Imaging Technologies

New Material Could Be a Fourth Type of Solid

A Step Closer to Realizing a High Efficiency Solar Thermophotovoltaic Device



ScienceShot: These Bears Count

Why Facial Disfigurements Creep Us Out

Video: The Smooth Moves of the Orb-Web Spider


USA Today

Space Station's Legacy

National Geographic

Up on the Farm? Five Reasons NASA Needs Space Greenhouses


The Real Reason Why Sleep Deprivation Can Destroy You

The Science of What Makes an Introvert and an Extrovert

Meet the Scientist Who Is Solving the Mystery of Zombie Ants


Men's Journal

A New Treatment for Addiction and PTSD?

Binge Drinking's Impact on Bone Recovery

Best Ways to Whiten Teeth